Celebrities Who Started their Careers in the Adult Industry

In order to make money, people make all efforts. There are many opportunities to make money quickly. Movie stars, as it turned out, had many hidden secrets of what they did before the career.

  • Cameron Diaz

Even before she became Charlie’s Angel, Diaz acted in erotica and see what happened!

  • Chris Pratt

Before starting an actor’s career, Mr. Pratt was not a very successful professional stripper. It is for the better!

  • Sasha Grey

Unlike the rest of the colleagues in the sphere, Sasha Grey is not shy about his past. And unlike Hollywood divas, the actress lost some of her fame when she changed her profile.

  • Sylvester Stallone

Two days of work and $ 200 in your pocket for participation in the erotic film about Italian passions or something like this.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the early years, the future strongman not only won awards at bodybuilding competitions but also posed for erotic magazines.

  • Sibel Kekilli

Before becoming the VIP lady in cinema, Kekilli was a German porn actress.

  • Jackie Chan

Even Jackie flashed his talent in the comedy of 1975, “Everyone in the Family” and no kung fu!

  • David Duchovny

Long before Mulder from The X-Files, this very handsome and intelligent man appeared in one of the series of the erotic show, The Diary of the Red Shoe. And he was not less successful.

  • Matt LeBlanc

Like a previous actor LeBlanc, before becoming Joey from incredibly popular Friends, he appeared in several episodes of Red Shoe.

  • Channing Tatum

The film “Super Mike” is partly based on the experience of Mr. Tatum, as a male exotic dancer, whom he was before he became a movie star. However, not many changed in his role model in a big cinema.

  • Brad Pitt

In his youth, Brad Pitt was in a team of strippers (six people), mostly performing at student parties.

  • Kevin Costner

“Wild Beach” of  1986 is an independent movie with erotic content, and the owner of the Emmy Award, Golden Globe and Oscar has this secret… But so what? After all, he is perfect Bodyguard and dared dream of many women in 1990th.  

  • Helen Mirren

Yes, even a very respected and talented lady with a very perfect smile did not stand aside, starring in the film “Caligula” in 1979. However, several decades ago it was more than movie but major breakthrough and revelation.

Each of us has his/her past and the wisest thing is not to be shy of it.

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