Art and Pornography

Surprisingly, for many young people, today pornography is as much an art as Bergman’s films, Rubens paintings or Nabokov’s books. People no longer see the difference between pornography and eroticism, considering pornographic films a reflection of reality. Artists explain why this is not so.

Perhaps the biggest difference between erotica and pornography is that erotica has a divine origin and brings good luck, whereas pornography is low and brings bad luck. Erotica for those who wear a tie, that is, who is rich. This is a lot of eagles, gods! The pornographer is poor; he doesn’t wear a tie,

The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor, and the Kama Sutra explains exactly how. The only question is, to which category does this illustration fall? If you follow the definition of pornography, then this picture quite falls under this definition. And if she was hanged in a museum, and it is available for public viewing, then this is not pornography, but a work of art!

Salvador Dali, artist, sculptor, director, writer. Pornography is evidence of the powerlessness of an ordinary movie that cannot show a love scene. Jean-Luc Godard, director. Pornography … Any inanimate object that causes an erection.

Erotic Islands Jeju

Jeju Island gained a reputation as the “most erotic island” in Korea after the opening of several Sex and Health museums (as they are officially called), sex shops, and the Love Land erotic sculpture park. We were very surprised that in a relatively conservative South Korea, one can see such blatant erotic fantasies, embodied in statutes, photographs, paintings and, especially, in sculptures. The sculptures are made with a great sense of humor – erotica and sex should not be strained, and the whole park creates a good positive mood. The book is a kind of photo album of erotic sculpture and the park “Love Land”.

Actually, porn is a part of the culture as well as the art. Moreover, there are numerous different types of videos that significantly differ. Some porn is rather hard and some is more of erotica. In that way, it is simple to associate it with art. The representation of the body and the plot are a significant part of the culture and the mirror of the modern world and reality. At the same time, some masterpieces of the art could be easily classified as erotica and be associated with porn. In other words, these two parts of the culture are connected.

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