12 the Most Intelligent Adult Movie Actresses

MBA, Master degree and foreign languages… It turns out that a lot of intelligent and educated women work in porn. Study this list carefully:

1. Lisa Sparks

The actress has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky. And after graduation, she began to try waters in the adult industry.

2. Deep Bunny Hole

Natasha, 23, from Petersburg, is passionate about video games, reads Pushkin and Fitzgerald, writes electronic music and works as a programmer. She loves for anal sex, blowjob, and hardcore.

3. Laurie Wallace

She graduated from the university with a degree in political science and German language. Then the girl attended a law school at George Washington University, but quite legal practice after she was invited to work at a model agency.

4. Alix Lynx

She has an MBA degree in Internet marketing. The girl was set up for a serious career, but dreams of her youth were connected with Playboy.

5. Lorelei Lee

In her records are a degree in English language and literature and an even journalism course.

6. Annie Sprinkle

She was the first porn actress who obtained Ph. D with the thesis on the topic of the study of human sexuality. Annie also studied the history of film and theater.

7. T.J. Hart

Three diplomas! She studied psychology, sociology, and art at the University of Colorado.

8. Joanna Angel

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. It’s funny that Joanna still observes strict Jewish rituals because she was raised in a very religious family.

9. Asia Carrera

As a pianist-child prodigy, she received a grant to study economics and language. At the age of 13, Asia played Bach at a concert at Carnegie Hall, and after graduating from school, she received a grant to study economics and Japanese

10. A.J. Bailey

Master of Anthropology. In fact, she began acting in porn is not at the call of the heart, but because of the need to earn an education. And earned! The actress spent her fees from the first shootings to study at Scotland and received this much-honored degree.

11. Shai Love

Shai Love graduated from school as an external student at 16 (it’s too early for the States) and got a serious education, and at 25 she decided to try herself in an adult movie. At the same time, Shilaf (the real name of the actress) cared about the future and became Financial Accounting specialist.

12. Sasha Grey

Many people doubt about her magic: why is she? It seems that there is nothing special in this girl but read her books and you will discover her impressive IQ.

Maybe, it is time to follow their footsteps for some of you.

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