5 Habits of Porn Lovers

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There are several habits that you may have too if you love hot content. Despite age and location, these preferences are the same.  

Fans of films for adults sometimes believe that no one knows about their passion. In fact, porn site owners often know about their customers even more than they can even imagine. For example, Pornhub experts analyzed the behavior of all its visitors and identified a number of habits that they have. Here the list – read and add some ideas if you are interested in this issue read more

12 the Most Intelligent Adult Movie Actresses

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MBA, Master degree and foreign languages… It turns out that a lot of intelligent and educated women work in porn. Study this list carefully:

1. Lisa Sparks

The actress has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky. And after graduation, she began to try waters in the adult industry.

2. Deep Bunny Hole

Natasha, 23, from Petersburg, is passionate about video games, reads Pushkin and Fitzgerald, writes electronic music and works as a programmer. She loves for anal sex, blowjob, and hardcore. read more

The Share of VR Porn Content on the Internet

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Interest in VR porn is increasing year by year – this is observed worldwide. Here are some basic figures on this really hot subject:

  • Statistic data show that from January to November of 2018, TOP-10 sites with VR-porn total traffic increased by 202%.
  • According to experts, by 2020 the market volume of such content like hot virtual sex mom will exceed $ 1 billion.
  • PornHub is the largest web platform for adult entertainment and it has launched a free section for watching videos in VR accessories.
  • BaDoink company, namely the largest porn studio shares with its partners all necessary equipment for shooting, including dual cameras with special lenses. So the share of 3D content is now about one-fifth of total sex clips. And specialist predicts that such digital products will add at least 20% each year due to the emerging of starts up and innovations boom.

What Reasons Are

In 2018, three years after the beginning of the production of VR porn, you can easily watch films from the person of a woman or same-sex partners. But mostly a viewer in glasses & headset enjoys the product a heterosexual man. The reason is simple: according to PornHub, men watch VR videos 160% more often than women, who make up only 26% of the total visitors to this top industry site. What boosts popularity? read more

Celebrities Who Started their Careers in the Adult Industry

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In order to make money, people make all efforts. There are many opportunities to make money quickly. Movie stars, as it turned out, had many hidden secrets of what they did before the career.

  • Cameron Diaz

Even before she became Charlie’s Angel, Diaz acted in erotica and see what happened!

  • Chris Pratt

Before starting an actor’s career, Mr. Pratt was not a very successful professional stripper. It is for the better!

  • Sasha Grey

Unlike the rest of the colleagues in the sphere, Sasha Grey is not shy about his past. And unlike Hollywood divas, the actress lost some of her fame when she changed her profile. read more

Art and Pornography

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Surprisingly, for many young people, today pornography is as much an art as Bergman’s films, Rubens paintings or Nabokov’s books. People no longer see the difference between pornography and eroticism, considering pornographic films a reflection of reality. Artists explain why this is not so.

Perhaps the biggest difference between erotica and pornography is that erotica has a divine origin and brings good luck, whereas pornography is low and brings bad luck. Erotica for those who wear a tie, that is, who is rich. This is a lot of eagles, gods! The pornographer is poor; he doesn’t wear a tie, read more